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How To Find Bed Bugs In Your Home Before You Move In

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Moving into a new house or apartment can be one of the most fun and challenging accomplishments a person can do in his or her life.  Nothing feels quite as satisfying as having all of your clothes unpacked and furniture set up to make a comfortable living environment. One thing that goes often goes unlooked for in new homes is that people don’t know how to look for and find bed bugs.  Here are some steps to ensure you are not moving into a bug infested living space.

First, go online and research state law regarding tenant notification of current or past bedbug infections in the home by the previous owner.

Conduct a bedbug inspection or go ahead and order the home or apartment be eradicated of bedbugs prior to moving in.  The inspection is best conducted before moving in, as it saves time, money, and the risk of more items being infected.

Sometimes nosy neighbors can be useful, so don’t be shy and get the inside scoop on your apartment or home.  Often times they know the history of the home better than anyone and may be willing to give a more unbiased opinion of things than the previous home owners.

If full-fledged bedbug eradication is not financially available option, then try to use some over the counter bug sprays to combat the pests.  Also try purchasing mattress and box-spring encasements to prevent bedbugs from making their home where you sleep.  Cut down on the clutter in bedrooms and under the bed, as it allows bedbugs to easily hide.

If you decide to use a moving company, ensure the truck is bedbug free before loading your belongings onto the vehicle.  Hire a bedbug sniffing canine to inspect the truck prior to the company’s moving appointment.

Lastly, done be fooled by freshly painted walls or refinished floors and countertops, they may look nice but they will not rid your home of bedbugs.  Try to also not bring too many secondhand or used items into the new living space.