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Dorm Room Furniture Necessities

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As the parent of a college aged young adult, you may worry about making sure your new adult has everything he or she needs to get a good education while away at university. You understand you have to pay tuition and allow a budget for a books and a monthly allowance. But you may not have considered the impact getting dorm room furniture could have on your wallet, especially if you don’t find discount furniture in Columbus, Georgia. Making sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has the furniture necessities to make him or her comfortable in their new home away from home is as essential as their study time. Some dorm room furniture necessities you may not have thought about are:

  • A good mattress. There is little time to get precious sleep while in college, but if your student has to try to accomplish this on an old, lumpy mattress, the result may be a slip in grades. Take your college student along with you to the mattress stores when you look at mattresses, because you should purchase the best type for him or her. Your body type and sleep preferences may be completely different from theirs and you want to make sure there isn’t any precious time wasted in sleepless nights right before big exams.
  • A comfortable desk. Having a dedicated work space to complete assignments and study is an important part of a successful college life. Without a desk to help maintain focus and organization, the lure of social activities may be harder to resist. A comfortable desk is a reminder to keep studying where it should be: at the top of the priority list for your student. When shopping for desks at a furniture store, make sure to take size into consideration. Most dorm rooms have small areas, and a nice, compact desk should be on your list.
  • Chairs and sofas. Another component to a successful stint at college is having time and space to relax. Your college aged child will not spend every waking moment buried in books and school work, and you probably don’t want him or her to forego every social opportunity, including entertaining in his or her dorm room. A must have is a cozy chair for winding down, and somewhere for guests to sit, like a sofa from a discount furniture store.
  • Appliances. Small versions of the convenient appliances your college student had at home will help make the transition to dorm life easier. A microwave and mini refrigerator can go a long way towards making sure your new adult gets nutritious meals to fuel the learning college will provide.
  • Storage containers. There will be many uses for various storage containers in your child’s dorm room. Kitchen storage will be useful for putting away all the leftover food you lovingly pack away for their return trip to the college. Closet storage can help make the best use of a small space for clothing and personal belongings. The bathroom may be another place where storage is important, to keep toiletries in order.
  • Personal favorites from home. Your young adult may be hesitant to take his or her favorite items from home, such as bedding or a beloved portrait. You should encourage him or her to do so because the more familiar the dorm room feels, the easier it may be for your student to transition to living away from home.

It’s difficult enough to send your child off to college and trust that he or she will remain safe and will get the best education. E & S Mattress is here for parents and students, with a large selection of dorm room furniture. We understand the spacing constraints in dorm rooms and those of your budget after considering all your other college expenses. Our selection of discount furniture is sure to help set your mind at ease while giving you everything your young adult needs for a more than affordable cost. Visit us today so we can help you take one more thing off your college checklist.

Finding the Best Office Desk Chair For You

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It has been estimated that the average American businessman or desk-bound office worker spends around 40 hours a week in their office chairs. That adds up to over 1900 hours in a year! So it should come as no surprise that people often spend a sizeable percentage of their lifetimes sitting in a chair. If you are to spend that kind of time in a chair, it stands to reason that you take your time selecting the perfect desk chair for your comfort and well being.

What is the point in browsing through all the furniture stores in Columbus, Georgia, if you don’t know what exactly is it that you need to look for in selecting the best office desk chair? Here are some of the main things to keep in mind:

  1. Good lumbar support, or in other words, support for your lower back.
  2. Adjustability. A no-brainer really. Look for chairs with more adjustment options.
  3. Having a quality wheelbase always provides much needed mobility within an office environment. Rolling prevents straining on your part.
  4. A swivel base is important as it allows you to reach all areas of your desk easily.
  5. Always try to go for a breathable fabric, one that doesn’t leave the chair hot, uncomfortable and sweaty after prolonged use.

Keep these pointers in mind when looking for your perfect chair for your office.

Numerous studies on ergonomics and productivity show a clear correlation between supportive furniture and higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Bad office chairs can lead to a host of illnesses and health problems like back strain, leg problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and many, many more. Make it a point to spend good time searching the furniture stores in Columbus, Georgia for the best desk chair for you.

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Lively with Cheap Furniture

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Decorating your home within a budget with cheap furniture in Columbus, GA, is not such a bad idea. Here are a few ideas to decorate your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Living room: If you look through the local flea market and thrift shops, you might be able to find items such as lamps, chairs, rocking chairs, photo frames, wall hangings or tables that are in good condition.  Sometimes all they may need is a little repainting or reupholstering to look good as new.

If you are really low on funds, you can also reupholster your old furniture and give them a new look. It can take as little as a weekend to do.  Try making it a party by asking a few friends to help out. Changing the curtains, the cushion covers and carpet can also give the desired effect.

Bedroom: Use mismatched side tables to your bedroom to create a unique style, a popular idea that interior decorators have begun to utilize.

Add a headboard or a painting to the wall to create a new look. If you are low on cash, you can buy some new pillows and use them instead of the headboard. A creative and unique wallpaper can also do the trick.

Buy furniture made of laminates rather than wood to save money; these are usually available in modern designs and are quite cheap.

There is no need to stuff a room with furniture, simply adding a book case or a side table will make your bed room look more organized.

Make sure to do some research and store browsing before buying something as it will give you more options or ideas as to how to decorate with cheap furniture in Columbus, GA.

The Value of a Great Dresser in Your Room (at the right price)

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Having a dresser in your room bought from a discount furniture store in Columbus, GA is a great idea. A dresser helps save space, keeps your clothes organized and saves time while in a rush. If you are low on cash, here are a few tips that may help you find a good bargain.

Buy Second Hand

Thrift shops are a good way to buy cheap furniture Columbus, GA, as they mostly sell secondhand items. This may not be ideal but there are times when a good item can be found at these stores at very reasonable prices. Before buying, check for signs of termites or defects. Flea markets are also a good place to get such items, and there have been instances when people have even found antique furniture for a very cheap price. Go to the local garage sales for the same purpose, but don’t forget to look over each piece before buying anything. Buying cheap and restoring is a good idea, however, don’t buy furniture that will require constant care and looking after.

Buy Ready to Assemble Furniture

Ready to assemble furniture is becoming quite popular mainly because of the price. They are not very difficult to work with and come with easy instructions; many stores sell cheap real wood finishing at the price of laminates and all you will need is an electric screw driver.

Make Your Own Dresser

Making a dresser by your self is not such a bad idea. The physical activity would be good and you can make it into a party by inviting a few friends to help and ordering a few pizzas. All you would need to buy are drawers or storage bins made of plastic, a screwdriver and two inch screws, and ply wood—ideally a half inch thick.

E&S Mattress & Furniture Equals Value

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Looking to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank? At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we have plenty of choices for all tastes.

When updating your living room choosing the right sofa, chairs and tables can seem like a daunting and expensive task. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we can assure you that you will be assisted in picking quality furniture for your living space, not to mention all while staying in budget. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters, our sofas range from small love seats to large sectionals, classic style to modern style, the type that will work best for your needs depends on the size of your living space and taste, we will help you choose what is right for your space. After your sofa or sectional is picked out be sure to accessorize with our selection of accent chairs and recliners. From big comfy recliners to sleek modern accent chairs at E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we have a selection to fit any style.

If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom or a kid’s bedroom E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters can take care of you in style and within budget. E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters have some great quality bedroom piece sets that are always set at a great price. You can also buy separate pieces if you just need a bed frame or dresser. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we carry various styles and colors to suite your needs. Don’t forget the kid’s furniture! Need an updated bed or bunk bed, or even to transition the kid’s bed to a teen style? E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters have plenty of kid’s furniture options to choose from. From the classic bunk beds to a twin with a bunk and a desk! Or if you’re looking to update your kid’s room into a teen room we have a great selection of futon’s and twin bedroom sets. Of course we offer all of these with great prices and discounts. Be sure to check out our mattress selection of pillow tops, memory foam, and plush selections to go along with your new bedroom furniture.

So next time you’re looking to update a room, a new home, or needing to upgrade your furniture remember E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters offers great quality furniture for every room and every style with low prices.

Columbus, Georgia Furniture Store

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Planning to buy new furniture for your house, or would you just like to replace your older furniture? For whatever the reason may be, you’ll certainly find a furniture store in Columbus, Georgia that can offer you furniture that is sure to appeal to your personal preferences and strict demands. E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. is one of the prominent furniture stores within the vicinity of Columbus, Georgia. However, with the hundreds more you can find in the city, you may be asking yourself why you should pick this one as your furniture provider? Well, here are some facts about the company and why it is worth investing on their products and services.

Located at 819 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, Georgia 31901, E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. has been serving various parts of the south, from Columbus, GA to Montgomery, and Mobile, Alabama, all of which are more than satisfied with the company’s products and services. With such a trusted and well-recognized brand in the business of furniture, the company has striven to provide continuous great value products and services worldwide with the lowest and most competitive prices on the market. E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. provides a wide line of high value products, ranging from mattresses, bedroom furnishings, sofas, sectionals, kids furnishings, dinettes, accessories and any other furniture that clients would need to setup their house or office with.

E & S Mattress Warehouse

E & S Mattress Warehouse - Columbus, Georgia

In need of a cozy mattress to spend the night in a deep and comfy slumber? Choose from a wide line of mattress products from E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. Try out the 8 inch Queen Memory Foam by Coaster. The product is designed with a basic high density memory foam. The product is a more stable version of its thicker counterpart and can hold up quite nicely for any body weight or sleeping position. Another viable option for a mattress is the Ferrara Plush Queen Mattress and Foundation. This mattress sports a 22 inch profile with up to 567 pocketed coil foams encased on the mattress for extra support around the edges. It comes with a 5 year warranty and comes in three distinct sizes – Twin, Full and King size.

Are dining furnishings what you need? E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. can also provide you with these needs with products that combine both function and style. You can try Josh 5 Piece Dinette by Designs Unlimited. It can easily fit on almost any kitchen nooks. This glass furnished dinette can add to your kitchen’s overall look and design. You can also buy White Accent Chairs that fit almost any room setting you have regardless of the theme or style of the room. These chairs are solid and built with high quality materials. The unit is considerably wider and deeper than your normal chair.

Josh Dinette by Designs Unlimited

Josh Dinette by Designs Unlimited

One major advantage of shopping for your mattresses and furnishings at E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. is their extremely low and competitive prices. The company provides their wide ranging product line with a brief description and a price tag under it and the regular price that you can find the product from other furniture stores. You’ll find products that are as low as $200 from their original pricing, which spells out a significant amount of savings for your wallet.

Another great advantage of buying products at E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc. is their broad range of online specials and hot deals. For instance, the Twin over Movable Full Bunk Bed with Desk features two products for one discounted price. This works extremely well for buyers who have more than one child at their house. You’ll be able to save a hefty price when availing these set specials from E & S Mattress and Furniture, Inc.

Cheap and Discounted Furniture in Columbus, Georgia

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E & S Mattress & Furniture Discounters, Inc is your place in Columbus to shop for cheap furniture in the Columbus, Georgia area. We are a family owned and operated store, and love taking the time to meet and befriend our customers. E & S is known for great customer support and satisfaction, and we have been doing business in the area for the greater part of 70 years.

Red and Tan Piping Sofa with Loveseat

Red and Tan Piping Sofa with Loveseat

We order our products in bulk, which in return lowers the prices for us, and we then pass that savings on to you. Other retailers in North Columbus have pricey overheads that we DO NOT have, which give you the best price in town!

We offer many different brands to choose from, and we also offer military discounts for those serving. Some of the many products we offer are mattresses, bed room sets, sofas and love seats, sectionals, kid’s furniture, dinettes, 3 piece occasionals, and more.

Our Facebook is very active, and we constantly post new arrivals, have contests and giveaways, and talk to our customers. Take the time to research before you buy and you’ll see that we are the best in the area. We are located at 819 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, Georgia across from the Greyhound bus station.