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Memory Foam and a Good Nights Rest

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Are you getting a good nights rest? Or do you feel like you spend most of the night tossing and turning, waiting for your alarm to go off? Maybe it’s because you can’t get comfortable. Do you have a memory foam mattress? Some people swear by it, but others say there are some disadvantages.

Memory Foam comes in more than one form: pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers. It’s made from a substance called viscoelastic, and it comes in different densities and depths. It will evenly distribute your body weight as it molds to your body in response to pressure, and then returns to its original shape once you take the pressure off.

Here are some advantages of sleeping on memory foam, whether it’s a mattress, mattress topper, or even just a memory foam pillow!
1. It adjusts to your body weight and your body heat. It becomes softer as the temperature increases, which helps to give you a good night sleep.
2. It can help prevent you from having spinal problems, or back-aches in the long run, by helping you attain the ideal sleeping position.
3. If you suffer from allergies, memory foam can help alleviate those allergies. The fibers that make up memory foam are inorganic fibers, which prevent allergy causing dust-mites to settle in because they have nothing to thrive on.

Here are a few disadvantages of memory foam!
1. The foam may retain body heat which might make it less comfortable in warm weather.
2. The memory foam mattresses can be very heavy as opposed to a spring mattress.
3. A little on the more expensive side.

Everyone is different, and everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing the type of mattress they like. If you have been having a hard time getting good sleep and don’t have a memory foam mattress, or pillow, maybe that’s what you are missing in your life. Call E & S Mattress and Furniture today and let us help you get a good nights rest!

Why a Firm Mattress May be the Best Choice For You

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When purchasing a mattress, you must take many things into consideration. Do you prefer a soft or firm mattress? What is your normal sleeping position? How much are you willing to spend on a mattress? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. Some people need to consider a firm mattress and here are some reason why:

1. Firm mattresses may have benefits for you if you have back pain. With a firm mattress, your body rests at the same level all over. With a soft mattress, your body may sink in therefore causing your body to curve. With a soft mattress, there is little support. Firm mattresses provide the support that a soft mattress lacks.
2. A soft mattress does not do a good job to evenly distributing your weight especially when you may be overweight. This can cause sleep disruption. A firm mattress can distribute weight evenly so you can rest better.
3. The human body can easily adapt to sleeping on a firm mattress and began to find it comfortable.
4. Firm mattresses help to properly align your spine. Again, soft mattresses can curve inward since your weight will not be distributed evenly. Firm mattresses are less likely to sink in preventing a curve in the back.

Maybe you have back pain or you aren’t completely satisfied with your current mattress. Only you know what mattress type is best for you. E & S mattress offers many different types on mattresses so you have many options! We have mattresses ranging from extra soft to extra firm and everything in between. Come find out what you like and get a good nights rest! Please contact E & S Mattress today with any questions you have!

Top 10 Best Mattresses

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Are you looking to purchase a mattress? Before making any decision look to the following run which will present you the top 10 best mattresses for the year with respect to the for a person’s preferences, sleep position and body type, among other criteria.

Spa Sensations 12” MyGel

The gel gathering has a tendency to gain the best appraisals from this accumulation, with 4.5 out of 5 stars. The thicker 12″ model is more qualified to most sleepers and positions than the more slender models. Contrasted with other low-valued adjustable foam beds, the Spa Sensations MyGel 12″ procures great imprints more than quite a long while of reviews. however, a great many people rate this bedding useful for shorter term use, as durability may be an issue following a couple of years.

BedInABox Tranquility Gel

The BedInABox Tranquility Gel gains great reviews, with an average of 4.8 stars. This model has a Tencel spread to recognize it from the brand’s different models. The Tranquility Gel utilizes lower thickness adjustable foam than numerous others in the price category; however it does include a high-versatility core which is above average.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

The Cloud Supreme Breeze gets great reviews on the brand’s site with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Key separating features incorporate a milder vibe and cooler materials than other Tempur sleeping mattresses. The Cloud Supreme uses both medium and high density memory foams.

Novaform Serafina 14” Gel

The Novaform Serafina 14″ Gel mattress is a popular sleeping mattress sold at Costco, acquiring above average reviews on the site with around 4.2 out 5 stars. It is in middle of the Novaform line, with a firmer profile. The Serafina utilizes a few layers of foam and gives great support and durability.

Amerisleep Revere Bed

The Amerisleep Revere Bed does extremely well in reviews on the brand’s site procuring 4.7 out 5 stars and rating high on outsider survey destinations also. The Revere is one of the best mattress models by the plant-based memory foam brand, in the mid-scope of its accumulation. Amerisleep mattresses use a more eco-friendly plant-based memory foam and come with Celliant-infused covers,a material that has been clinically proven to increase blood flow by converting body heat into infrared light.

Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice Euro Top

The Doctor’s Choice Euro Top model is a best mattress of mid-range offering by Denver Mattress Company. The Doctor’s Choice line features better than average coil counts for this price range, along with encased coils that better limit motion transfer. Initial comfort is well-rated.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge 11.5” Luxury Firm

The Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Firm mattress procures great appraisals on retailer websites. The mattress is matched with gel and customary foams; however the densities are unspecified by Simmons. The Recharge line offers superior motion isolation, support, comfort, for the most part proves calm and doesn’t have high objections of heat retention.

Serta iSeries Vantage (Applause)

The Serta iSeries Applause was a best mattress of the top-line model, which Serta replaced with the Vantage Firm and Vantage Plush. Both Vantage models additionally give off an impression of being doing great in reviews. The Vantage series highlights great support with 1008 wrapped curls, matched with a slight layer of memory foam and regular foams. The Serta iSeries line seems to perform superior on motion isolation and somewhat better on durability.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Trust Cushion Firm

The Hybrid series includes great suppot with 825 wrapped titanium loops, combines with a slim layer of memory foam and regular foams. Sealy is not completely transparent about densities, with little data on the memory foam or customary foam layers. The Sealy Hybrid line shows great reviews on motion isolation and comfort.

Beautyrest Black Edenton Luxury Firm

Another entry from Simmons, the Beautyrest Black Edenton Luxury Firm gets pretty decent reviews from customers. This is a higher-end and best mattress which may found under different names at other retailers. While it does earn higher than average reviews and its pricing can be more than double average innerspring costs.

The Convenience and Novelty of Bunk Beds

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If you are planning to redecorate your home with space saving in mind, then bunk beds in Columbus, GA, can be a great alternative. Bunk beds save a lot of space and if there are kids at home who share a room, buying them a bunk bed would surely make their day. Bunk beds are easy to dismantle and carry along for frequent movers, and when the kids grow up, they can sometimes be dismantled and tweaked to make separate beds.

Kids and Bunk Beds

Kids love bunk beds; however it is important that the safety aspects should be considered first. Buy the bed from a reliable store. Searching around in different stores and comparing the prices is always a good idea before making a purchase. The internet is a good way to research, and in many occasions, good quality products can be found at a reasonable price. Find out the details about the materials that have been used and whether the nuts and bolts have been fitted properly or not.

Though bunk beds are a great idea, accidents involving bunk beds are pretty common. To avoid such an occurrence, while placing the bunk bed, make sure to leave no space between the adjacent wall and the bed; it is better to put the bed in a corner so the bed is covered by walls on two sides; tighten the bolts and screws just in case. Jumping on the upper bed is not such a good idea and kids should be discouraged from doing so. The mattresses should fit the frame and be comfortable. The length and breadth of these beds should also be measured before buying and they should be appropriate for the kids.

Bunk beds are not recommended for children below the age group of four, as they tend to roll over and fall down.

A Nice Bed Can Make All The Difference In Your Bedroom

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Everyone wants a beautifully decorated home and one of the most relaxing places in your home should be the bedroom. The bedroom is the place you go to relax, to let go, and nobody wants to do any of these things in a drab, unattractive room. It’s not difficult at all to achieve a nice, well decorated bedroom but the upmost important piece to this room, is the bed.

A beautifully furnished bed is generally very expensive. Sheets, pillows, pillow cases, shams, bed dresses, comforters, and pillow tops are the average bed’s dressing. Some people prefer more or less, adding quilts or just sticking to the minimum two pillows. This is probably the most costly part of enhancing your bed.

The next thing many people go all out on is the bed itself. A regular bed consists of a headboard, box frames, a mattress, and a footboard. Depending on what type, material and how elaborate you choose, these can be either very cheaply DIY’ed or extremely pricey. Many people make their own headboards for fairly cheap and easy. The more complex and better materialed headboards or footboards can range up to thousands of dollars, not including a mattress.

As for the mattress section of your bed, you can buy new or used. Prices range from hundreds to thousands for brand new mattress but you can buy used. Take caution in buying any used furniture, especially mattresses which may have bugs, microscopic health hazards, or even stains, rips and tears. If possible, aim for a mattress still in its original plastic. Also, make sure you like the stiffness or softness of the mattress. Everyone has different preferences and some mattresses may just not be for you.

The last thing you will look for when decorating your new bed are throw pillows. Some people prefer several pillows, but some only enjoy the minimal one or two. If using throw pillows, remember to arrange them from biggest to smallest, starting in the back. The opposite will overcrowd your bed making it look cluttered and messy. Most throw pillows are for decoration so any unnecessary for sleeping can be tossed elsewhere and redecorated for the next day.

For more tips and good quality but low priced furniture, visit!

Have Your Mattresses Been Jumped On?

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Did you that most mattresses for sale have likely been jumped on? While some mattresses are tested by machines, some mattress companies actually pay people money to jump up and down on their product before it ships to stores.

Jumpers aren’t simply amusing themselves by bouncing on these mattresses, but rather compressing the mattress’ layers of batting and meticulously checking for lumps and imperfections.
Jumped-on mattresses are covered with a protective mat so the jumper’s feet don’t make direct contact with the finished product.

The process works like this:

The jumper will step onto the middle of the mattress and jump five steps forward and back.  He works a precise grid pattern to cover each section of the surface.

After the mattress has been properly checked, it is sent to a large stitching machine for all of its final preparations.  If the jumpers have done their job correctly, the mattress will fit perfectly into the machine.  If the mattress has not been sufficiently jumped-on, one errant lump of batting could wreak havoc and cause the mattress to be ruined.

Contact E & S Mattress located in Columbus, Ga. today for all of your mattress and bedding needs.

Specialty Mattresses

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Throughout history, many Americans have hidden valuables under or inside a mattress, but a new trend has started that has made the valuables the actual mattress.

One Italian manufacturer has started a metallic trend and designed mattresses with fabrics woven with gold, platinum or silver.  All of these mattresses come with an adjustable five-zone memory foam construction and are said to be thermo-regulating, anti-bacterial and odor-proof.

The gold mattress will cost $24,000 for a queen size and is made with 22-karat gold yarn cover.  The 22-karat pillow cost about $1,000.

A mattress with silver cost over $3,000 and comes with a mattress cover, removable for laundering, made of cashmere and sliver fibers on one side for colder weather, and silk and silver fibers for warmer weather.

The platinum mattress is the most expensive and costs $75,000 for a queen size bed and $2000 for a pillow.

Contact E&S Mattress, located out of Columbus, Ga., today for more information on these specialty mattresses and how you can order one.

E&S has a long history of supplying quality bedding to the Georgia and Alabama areas.

Your Mattress Can Last A Lifetime!

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According to researchers, mattress cleaning is one of the most neglected household chores in America today. This is actually baffling to most as it is the place you lay your head each night, therefore it should be a priority to keep your mattress fresh and clean. Here are some cleaning tips for your mattress:
First of all accidents happen and there is no getting around them. For anyone with children of family pets, and for those who choose to eat in bed, keeping a mattress in top shape can be tough and sometimes unavoidable. A simple drink spill, a pet carrying in dirt and grime from the outdoors and quickly dirty up a bed.
The best way to keep your mattress stain free is to, of course, prevent the stain from happening in the first place. One good idea might be to purchase a mattress cover. Most are inexpensive, especially when you consider the protection it offers.
Mattress covers are good for protecting the mattress from food and drink spills and can also help keep dust mites and other allergens from taking residence deep inside a mattress.
Another good way to keep the mattress clean is to pull out the vacuum cleaner and really get after the mattress. This will suck up some lose debris and also eliminate any potential dust mites and other invisible critters that can crawl into your bed.
Use baking soda to freshen up your bed. It eliminates odors and should leave a fresh, pleasant, smell in their stead. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours. Use your vacuum after to remove the baking soda.
Most people don’t realize that mattresses can collect moisture, and thus harbor the growth of bacteria. If not acted upon, a mattress with moisture can become riddled with mold and mildew. At that point the only option is to buy a new mattress.
The best way to prevent this from happening is to let the mattress air dry for 20 to 30 minutes every day. Pull back the sheets and covers in the morning and let the moisture escape.
Mattresses are expensive, especially the good ones, so take time to care for the object you spend roughly 40 percent of your day sleeping on. A good mattress can last a lifetime.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

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For many years, people have made up silly stories to tell and scare their friends. There are so many myths out there that many of us aren’t sure about. One of the most commonly spread tales are bed bugs. These bugs supposedly feed on the blood of humans and inhabit our bedding, feeding on us without any disruption. Are these bugs made up or do we really need to worry about where we sleep at night?

Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is a reddish, light brown color, flattened, oval-shaped and has no hind wings. These tiny bugs grow up to 4–5 mm in length and 1.5–3 mm wide although their lifespan varies. They are commonly mistaken for small roaches or carpet beetles. These insects will feed on humans only when no other prey is available and are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide. Despite the average bed bugs ability to live without feeding for  2 months, they normally try to eat a few times a week. On average with available food supply, bed bugs can live up to a year, or five months in less fortunate environments.

Bed bugs aren’t highly detrimental to our health although they do cause psychological effects, rashes, and allergic symptoms. These pesky bugs are brought about by visiting guests, attached to their clothing or even by clinging to pets. Sometimes they infest furniture and are contracted by relocation of said furniture.  They generally inhabit close to prey, in beds or couches. Their nests are normally kept close to themselves, attached by a sticky substance.

If you find you have an infestation of bed bugs, the extermination is not very difficult. An exterminator or even a bed bug detecting dog can help retrieve the whereabouts of more bedbugs in your living area.  If you do find any traces of bed bugs or believe you have them, call your exterminator IMMEDIATELY as these bugs multiply quickly. Early detection helps prevent an even bigger infestation.

E&S Mattress & Furniture Equals Value

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Looking to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank? At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we have plenty of choices for all tastes.

When updating your living room choosing the right sofa, chairs and tables can seem like a daunting and expensive task. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we can assure you that you will be assisted in picking quality furniture for your living space, not to mention all while staying in budget. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters, our sofas range from small love seats to large sectionals, classic style to modern style, the type that will work best for your needs depends on the size of your living space and taste, we will help you choose what is right for your space. After your sofa or sectional is picked out be sure to accessorize with our selection of accent chairs and recliners. From big comfy recliners to sleek modern accent chairs at E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we have a selection to fit any style.

If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom or a kid’s bedroom E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters can take care of you in style and within budget. E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters have some great quality bedroom piece sets that are always set at a great price. You can also buy separate pieces if you just need a bed frame or dresser. At E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters we carry various styles and colors to suite your needs. Don’t forget the kid’s furniture! Need an updated bed or bunk bed, or even to transition the kid’s bed to a teen style? E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters have plenty of kid’s furniture options to choose from. From the classic bunk beds to a twin with a bunk and a desk! Or if you’re looking to update your kid’s room into a teen room we have a great selection of futon’s and twin bedroom sets. Of course we offer all of these with great prices and discounts. Be sure to check out our mattress selection of pillow tops, memory foam, and plush selections to go along with your new bedroom furniture.

So next time you’re looking to update a room, a new home, or needing to upgrade your furniture remember E&S Mattress and Furniture Discounters offers great quality furniture for every room and every style with low prices.