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The Convenience and Novelty of Bunk Beds

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If you are planning to redecorate your home with space saving in mind, then bunk beds in Columbus, GA, can be a great alternative. Bunk beds save a lot of space and if there are kids at home who share a room, buying them a bunk bed would surely make their day. Bunk beds are easy to dismantle and carry along for frequent movers, and when the kids grow up, they can sometimes be dismantled and tweaked to make separate beds.

Kids and Bunk Beds

Kids love bunk beds; however it is important that the safety aspects should be considered first. Buy the bed from a reliable store. Searching around in different stores and comparing the prices is always a good idea before making a purchase. The internet is a good way to research, and in many occasions, good quality products can be found at a reasonable price. Find out the details about the materials that have been used and whether the nuts and bolts have been fitted properly or not.

Though bunk beds are a great idea, accidents involving bunk beds are pretty common. To avoid such an occurrence, while placing the bunk bed, make sure to leave no space between the adjacent wall and the bed; it is better to put the bed in a corner so the bed is covered by walls on two sides; tighten the bolts and screws just in case. Jumping on the upper bed is not such a good idea and kids should be discouraged from doing so. The mattresses should fit the frame and be comfortable. The length and breadth of these beds should also be measured before buying and they should be appropriate for the kids.

Bunk beds are not recommended for children below the age group of four, as they tend to roll over and fall down.

Kids Furniture Columbus, GA

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Kid’s Furniture: Picking colors

Little children are lively, bright and vibrant and everything around them should make them feel happy and active. That is why parents must try their best to keep their children in happy surroundings including their furniture, color of the walls, toys, so on. Kids like to play outside a lot but they also do spend a lot of time indoors, so make their indoor experience fun. Their room can be decorated in various ways to make them enjoy being in their room. E&S Furniture sells Kids furniture in Columbus GA, and can give a bright and decorative new look to any kids room.

The color of the room is very important. Traditionally, blue is for boys and pink is for girls, but nowadays, you have a myriad of colors to choose from. So instead of the conventional colors, choose some brighter colors like orange, purple, yellow or green. These colors will always make the kids feel active.

Try to match the furniture with the theme or color of the room to give it a “cool” look. A wide array of kids furniture in Columbus, GA is available to choose from, such as beds, bunk beds, study tables, computer desks, bookshelves, etc. in various shapes and sizes.

Decoration of your kid’s room won’t be complete without a bean bag for them to use for laying back, relaxing or even to indulge in some light reading. Bean bags suitable for your children can be easily found in any store selling kids furniture in Columbus, GA.

Good lighting is quite necessary to illuminate the room. Install some modern lamps, readily available in many stores. Frame some happy moments and put the pictures on the wall. Finally, buy some nice and bright bed sheets and pillow covers to give it a final touch and present the newly decorated room to your lovely children. Young kids are going to go crazy after getting such a room. So happy decorating!

Kids Furniture in Columbus, Georgia

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When purchasing furniture for your children, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy. Most children have their own room, and want to make the room ‘truly’ theirs by picking out the furniture that goes in it. Their selections may not make practical sense to you, but it is important to keep in mind the choices they make so they are happy with the furniture. Even though you want your kids to be happy, you shouldn’t give in to a low quality item that will break in half a year. Keep in mind the usability, durability, and safety of the product in mind.


A Childrens Bunkbed

One of the main things to keep in mind when purchasing kids furniture is the functionality of the item. You may ask why is this important? Well, keep in mind a child usually has many tiny items that will need to be stored somewhere. It may be a good idea for you to purchase a bed that has drawers below it. If your kid enjoys entertainment, then an entertainment unit could get a great place to store all their gadgets and gizmos. For girls, they generally have lots of accessories such as necklaces or perhaps makeup. A dresser with a lot of compartments or drawers would be ideal for this situation.


Another important thing to remember is how durable the furniture will be around children that like to be rough and playful. Younger kids are playful by nature, so it’s expected that the furniture could get scratches or tarnish in places. Make sure the items you buy are sturdy and of good quality so that these scratches won’t be as noticeable. You also don’t want to purchase a product that will fall apart and have the potential to possible harm your child.


This brings to the last and most important element to check for, safety. Some items may have been poorly designed and may have areas that a child could hurt themselves on. Always check out the product thoroughly to insure there are no sharp areas or other areas of risk. Also make sure the product hasn’t been recalled by the manufacturer for hazardous materials. Children’s furniture should be designed with a childs safety in mind!

As we mentioned earlier, it may be a good idea to check with your child first before purchasing to see if they like the style of the furniture. Most of the time, an adult will choose a different piece that the child would choose, so you may want to see their views on the item and then come to a compromise. You don’t want to purchase an item for them to not like it, which will result in them outgrowing it quicker than usual.