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Why a Firm Mattress May be the Best Choice For You

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When purchasing a mattress, you must take many things into consideration. Do you prefer a soft or firm mattress? What is your normal sleeping position? How much are you willing to spend on a mattress? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. Some people need to consider a firm mattress and here are some reason why:

1. Firm mattresses may have benefits for you if you have back pain. With a firm mattress, your body rests at the same level all over. With a soft mattress, your body may sink in therefore causing your body to curve. With a soft mattress, there is little support. Firm mattresses provide the support that a soft mattress lacks.
2. A soft mattress does not do a good job to evenly distributing your weight especially when you may be overweight. This can cause sleep disruption. A firm mattress can distribute weight evenly so you can rest better.
3. The human body can easily adapt to sleeping on a firm mattress and began to find it comfortable.
4. Firm mattresses help to properly align your spine. Again, soft mattresses can curve inward since your weight will not be distributed evenly. Firm mattresses are less likely to sink in preventing a curve in the back.

Maybe you have back pain or you aren’t completely satisfied with your current mattress. Only you know what mattress type is best for you. E & S mattress offers many different types on mattresses so you have many options! We have mattresses ranging from extra soft to extra firm and everything in between. Come find out what you like and get a good nights rest! Please contact E & S Mattress today with any questions you have!