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What Makes A Mattress Comfortable

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Sometimes nothing feels better than a soft bed, but orthopedic doctors actually recommend their patients now to sleep on hard mattresses for body and spine support.
A mattress will generally come in three versions – soft, medium and hard. Most prefer the softer beds to the hard ones for their sleeping purposes, but doctors say these beds do not offer the best back support. To strengthen your back and ail back pain you need a hard mattress.
Sleeping on a hard mattress can take some getting used to. To help we recommend researching some of the newer latex mattresses, as they are softer than spring mattresses. These latex mattresses come in two versions – all latex, or latex combined with springs.

Both are a good option as latex is the material closest to the body and it molds to the contours of a person’s body and supports the body, even for restless sleepers. Latex mattresses are remarkable technology as they bounce back into shape once the sleeper rises.
The softest mattresses are those made of foam, as they offer absolutely no support for the back. These mattresses wear out quickly, as the body compresses the cells of the foam and ridges or hollows form which are generally very uncomfortable. People often think that having a board under a foam mattress is a good idea, but it offers little in the way of support.

Spring mattress come in medium and hard versions and are probably the most popular mattresses on the market at present. The problem with this type of mattress is that the springs wear out, which cause the surface of the mattress to become uneven and thus very uncomfortable. One way to remedy this problem is to purchase a special latex overlay, which is fitted over the existing mattress. These latex overlays offer a good economic solution, as they save one the cost of having to purchase an entirely new mattress.