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What Mattress Size is Best for You

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Choosing a mattress can be a very tricky thing and even when you think that you are buying the perfect mattress size, you can still go wrong. It is understood that one mattress size doesn’t fit everyone and everyone needs their very own space on the bed while sleeping. So, you sure don’t want to end up with a mattress size too small which makes it difficult for you to sleep on.

One of the most important things kept in the mind should be that the mattress you are going to buy should be taller than you. This is the best way to determine the perfect mattress size for you as it can turn into a real pain, sleeping on a mattress which does not fit your size.

There are many types of mattresses due to which one can easily get confused. Following points and explained types will guide you into buying the perfect mattress size for yourself:

Twin 39″x75″:
This mattress size is usually used for children’ beds and is perfect for smaller spaces. It will not be fit for an adult as this size might be too small for an adult.

Twin XL 39″x80″:
It can work perfectly for the people who are taller as it has additional 5 inches of length. This mattress size is usually used in dorm rooms and provides one person with a little extra space in the matter of length.

Full 54″x75″:
This size is much wider than the twin sized mattress and is perfect for one person to sleep. However, this mattress size is way too small for two people to sleep on as it will provide one person a very small space.

King 76″x80″:
This is probably the perfect mattress size if you have a growing family and a large room to fit in. It gives each person a space which is equal to two twin sized mattress. So, if two people want to sleep, they can have enough space to sleep peacefully.

Queen 60″x80″:
It can be the perfect choice if you need more space; length and width, for yourself. It is also the ideal mattress size for any growing adult and gives more space to sleep in.

California King 72″x84″:
A California king mattress size provides you with extra length which you may require in your sleeping surface. 4 inches are taken out from width of the King sized mattress and added to its length.