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What is the Best Mattress for your Sleeping Position?

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Getting The Best Mattress

Normally people ignore the importance of having the best mattress available in the market that suits their sleeping position, which usually results in causing physical problems to the person. A normal human being spends at least a quarter of the day (24 hours) in bed, with an uncomfortable mattress people usually end up with problems, such as, back pain and fatigue etc. Investing a small amount of money into the best mattress for your sleeping position can let you stay active and physically perfect. Following are some of the sleeping positions and the most suitable mattresses.

Sleeping on Your Side

The majority of people fall into the side sleeping category, it is one of the most common sleeping positions. The best mattress for side sleepers would be a slightly softer one, so that, it does not put stress on the shoulder and the hips, instead relieve the pressure of the whole body that is lying on top of the shoulder and the arm. Softer mattress would also help in the alignment of the spine and accommodate the body’s natural curve.

Sleeping on Your Back

People who follow this sleeping position must be confused about what exactly would be the best mattress for them. For Back Sleepers, lower back support is crucial. Choosing a very stiff and hard mattress would not be a wise choice because they have the tendency to push against the spine, resulting in centralizing the body’s pressure over the spine. On the contrary, choosing a very soft mattress is also not a wise option because it will not provide the necessary support to the spine.

A half way between the stiff and soft mattress would definitely be the best mattress option for people who tend to sleep on their backs.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Stomach sleepers usually complain about their lower pain problems that us caused as a result of the body being too curvy. This is normally the result of a soft mattress that puts pressure on the lower back. The best mattress for this sleeping position is a firm mattress, that would keep the body straight and aligned.
Mattresses that are neither too stiff neither too soft are also suitable for the people who move a lot, while they are asleep. It is a more dynamic purpose mattress that can act as the best mattress for a large variety of people. If you are one of those people who is not sure about his/her sleeping position, then the not too stiff and not too soft mattress would certainly be the best mattress for you.