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Dorm Room Furniture Necessities

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As the parent of a college aged young adult, you may worry about making sure your new adult has everything he or she needs to get a good education while away at university. You understand you have to pay tuition and allow a budget for a books and a monthly allowance. But you may not have considered the impact getting dorm room furniture could have on your wallet, especially if you don’t find discount furniture in Columbus, Georgia. Making sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has the furniture necessities to make him or her comfortable in their new home away from home is as essential as their study time. Some dorm room furniture necessities you may not have thought about are:

  • A good mattress. There is little time to get precious sleep while in college, but if your student has to try to accomplish this on an old, lumpy mattress, the result may be a slip in grades. Take your college student along with you to the mattress stores when you look at mattresses, because you should purchase the best type for him or her. Your body type and sleep preferences may be completely different from theirs and you want to make sure there isn’t any precious time wasted in sleepless nights right before big exams.
  • A comfortable desk. Having a dedicated work space to complete assignments and study is an important part of a successful college life. Without a desk to help maintain focus and organization, the lure of social activities may be harder to resist. A comfortable desk is a reminder to keep studying where it should be: at the top of the priority list for your student. When shopping for desks at a furniture store, make sure to take size into consideration. Most dorm rooms have small areas, and a nice, compact desk should be on your list.
  • Chairs and sofas. Another component to a successful stint at college is having time and space to relax. Your college aged child will not spend every waking moment buried in books and school work, and you probably don’t want him or her to forego every social opportunity, including entertaining in his or her dorm room. A must have is a cozy chair for winding down, and somewhere for guests to sit, like a sofa from a discount furniture store.
  • Appliances. Small versions of the convenient appliances your college student had at home will help make the transition to dorm life easier. A microwave and mini refrigerator can go a long way towards making sure your new adult gets nutritious meals to fuel the learning college will provide.
  • Storage containers. There will be many uses for various storage containers in your child’s dorm room. Kitchen storage will be useful for putting away all the leftover food you lovingly pack away for their return trip to the college. Closet storage can help make the best use of a small space for clothing and personal belongings. The bathroom may be another place where storage is important, to keep toiletries in order.
  • Personal favorites from home. Your young adult may be hesitant to take his or her favorite items from home, such as bedding or a beloved portrait. You should encourage him or her to do so because the more familiar the dorm room feels, the easier it may be for your student to transition to living away from home.

It’s difficult enough to send your child off to college and trust that he or she will remain safe and will get the best education. E & S Mattress is here for parents and students, with a large selection of dorm room furniture. We understand the spacing constraints in dorm rooms and those of your budget after considering all your other college expenses. Our selection of discount furniture is sure to help set your mind at ease while giving you everything your young adult needs for a more than affordable cost. Visit us today so we can help you take one more thing off your college checklist.