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Finding the Best Office Desk Chair For You

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It has been estimated that the average American businessman or desk-bound office worker spends around 40 hours a week in their office chairs. That adds up to over 1900 hours in a year! So it should come as no surprise that people often spend a sizeable percentage of their lifetimes sitting in a chair. If you are to spend that kind of time in a chair, it stands to reason that you take your time selecting the perfect desk chair for your comfort and well being.

What is the point in browsing through all the furniture stores in Columbus, Georgia, if you don’t know what exactly is it that you need to look for in selecting the best office desk chair? Here are some of the main things to keep in mind:

  1. Good lumbar support, or in other words, support for your lower back.
  2. Adjustability. A no-brainer really. Look for chairs with more adjustment options.
  3. Having a quality wheelbase always provides much needed mobility within an office environment. Rolling prevents straining on your part.
  4. A swivel base is important as it allows you to reach all areas of your desk easily.
  5. Always try to go for a breathable fabric, one that doesn’t leave the chair hot, uncomfortable and sweaty after prolonged use.

Keep these pointers in mind when looking for your perfect chair for your office.

Numerous studies on ergonomics and productivity show a clear correlation between supportive furniture and higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Bad office chairs can lead to a host of illnesses and health problems like back strain, leg problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and many, many more. Make it a point to spend good time searching the furniture stores in Columbus, Georgia for the best desk chair for you.