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The Value of a Great Dresser in Your Room (at the right price)

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Having a dresser in your room bought from a discount furniture store in Columbus, GA is a great idea. A dresser helps save space, keeps your clothes organized and saves time while in a rush. If you are low on cash, here are a few tips that may help you find a good bargain.

Buy Second Hand

Thrift shops are a good way to buy cheap furniture Columbus, GA, as they mostly sell secondhand items. This may not be ideal but there are times when a good item can be found at these stores at very reasonable prices. Before buying, check for signs of termites or defects. Flea markets are also a good place to get such items, and there have been instances when people have even found antique furniture for a very cheap price. Go to the local garage sales for the same purpose, but don’t forget to look over each piece before buying anything. Buying cheap and restoring is a good idea, however, don’t buy furniture that will require constant care and looking after.

Buy Ready to Assemble Furniture

Ready to assemble furniture is becoming quite popular mainly because of the price. They are not very difficult to work with and come with easy instructions; many stores sell cheap real wood finishing at the price of laminates and all you will need is an electric screw driver.

Make Your Own Dresser

Making a dresser by your self is not such a bad idea. The physical activity would be good and you can make it into a party by inviting a few friends to help and ordering a few pizzas. All you would need to buy are drawers or storage bins made of plastic, a screwdriver and two inch screws, and ply wood—ideally a half inch thick.

The Convenience and Novelty of Bunk Beds

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If you are planning to redecorate your home with space saving in mind, then bunk beds in Columbus, GA, can be a great alternative. Bunk beds save a lot of space and if there are kids at home who share a room, buying them a bunk bed would surely make their day. Bunk beds are easy to dismantle and carry along for frequent movers, and when the kids grow up, they can sometimes be dismantled and tweaked to make separate beds.

Kids and Bunk Beds

Kids love bunk beds; however it is important that the safety aspects should be considered first. Buy the bed from a reliable store. Searching around in different stores and comparing the prices is always a good idea before making a purchase. The internet is a good way to research, and in many occasions, good quality products can be found at a reasonable price. Find out the details about the materials that have been used and whether the nuts and bolts have been fitted properly or not.

Though bunk beds are a great idea, accidents involving bunk beds are pretty common. To avoid such an occurrence, while placing the bunk bed, make sure to leave no space between the adjacent wall and the bed; it is better to put the bed in a corner so the bed is covered by walls on two sides; tighten the bolts and screws just in case. Jumping on the upper bed is not such a good idea and kids should be discouraged from doing so. The mattresses should fit the frame and be comfortable. The length and breadth of these beds should also be measured before buying and they should be appropriate for the kids.

Bunk beds are not recommended for children below the age group of four, as they tend to roll over and fall down.

Where Can Columbus, GA Residents Find the Best Mattress?

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Before going to a furniture store in Columbus, GA, and blindly selecting a mattress for yourself, keep in mind that the mattress you choose today will determine your physical and mental health for the next seven to ten years. The biggest factor in what makes a mattress a good buy is the material that has been used. Before purchasing, ensure the materials used for producing the mattresses contain no hazardous materials.

Out of the many furniture stores in Columbus, GA, E&S mattress is always focused on your needs.We help you find the best mattress to fit your needs! Ask you questions about what you are looking for rather than them telling you what they have. There are specialized mattresses that are used for special conditions such as chronic pain, and buying such a mattress can be a little more expensive than a regular mattress. Being lured by cheap pricing is not always a good idea as you may end up getting severe back problems. Also, the mattress may not last for a very long time and you may have to buy a bed within three to five years instead of seven to eight. Get the information about warranty, return policy and cost, trial periods and restocking beforehand. Also look for comfort guarantee; the foundations cost as much as the mattress, so if the old foundation is still in good form, there is no need to buy a new one.

There is no shame in going in to a furniture store and doing the fifteen minutes test. The mattress you buy is going to be your bed for the coming years. Just lie down for fifteen minutes and see if you are comfortable before actually buying the product.