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Have Your Mattresses Been Jumped On?

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Did you that most mattresses for sale have likely been jumped on? While some mattresses are tested by machines, some mattress companies actually pay people money to jump up and down on their product before it ships to stores.

Jumpers aren’t simply amusing themselves by bouncing on these mattresses, but rather compressing the mattress’ layers of batting and meticulously checking for lumps and imperfections.
Jumped-on mattresses are covered with a protective mat so the jumper’s feet don’t make direct contact with the finished product.

The process works like this:

The jumper will step onto the middle of the mattress and jump five steps forward and back.  He works a precise grid pattern to cover each section of the surface.

After the mattress has been properly checked, it is sent to a large stitching machine for all of its final preparations.  If the jumpers have done their job correctly, the mattress will fit perfectly into the machine.  If the mattress has not been sufficiently jumped-on, one errant lump of batting could wreak havoc and cause the mattress to be ruined.

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