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Specialty Mattresses

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Throughout history, many Americans have hidden valuables under or inside a mattress, but a new trend has started that has made the valuables the actual mattress.

One Italian manufacturer has started a metallic trend and designed mattresses with fabrics woven with gold, platinum or silver.  All of these mattresses come with an adjustable five-zone memory foam construction and are said to be thermo-regulating, anti-bacterial and odor-proof.

The gold mattress will cost $24,000 for a queen size and is made with 22-karat gold yarn cover.  The 22-karat pillow cost about $1,000.

A mattress with silver cost over $3,000 and comes with a mattress cover, removable for laundering, made of cashmere and sliver fibers on one side for colder weather, and silk and silver fibers for warmer weather.

The platinum mattress is the most expensive and costs $75,000 for a queen size bed and $2000 for a pillow.

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