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Columbus, GA Mattress & Furniture Discount Store

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At E&S Mattress and Furniture in Columbus, GA, we don’t just say that we’re family-owned and operated – we mean it. Shaun and Amanie Bussey are always on the floor selling, meeting new customers, connecting with the community, or in the mattress and furniture warehouse. Customers who ask for us will receive the personal attention they deserve. Depending on who you talk to first, you’ll either get a HUG or a HANDSHAKE, OR BOTH! That’s why you do business locally and that’s why we are sure that you will return for future purchases.

As a brand, E&S is synonymous with customer satisfaction in Columbus, Ga, Montgomery and Mobile, AL as well as in our sister store in Jackson, MS, Mega Mattress Outlet. Both the Bussey and Dabit Families have been doing business in Muscogee County for the better part of 50 years. We strive to treat our customers like family and while doing so we offer quality products at the lowest prices available.

Because we buy in bulk, we receive the best prices on our merchandise. Simple math, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets, and we pass this on to our customers. We also do not have the incredible overhead that North Columbus retailers incur, therefore we can deduct even more from the price of our product. This all combines to give the YOU, the buyer the best possible deal in this town or even in this region. PERIOD.